Living in Aachen Floodlit table soccer: your home advantage

50 people in your flat, a bowl of fruit punch on the table and the music up full blast. Your first housewarming.

Student service accomodation

  • managed by the Student service
  • 4,808 places in Aachen and nearby Jülich
  • 23 halls
  • Rooms from € 175 per month
  • early application recommended
  • Alternative: private apartments (e.g. flat-shares)

More will follow, for sure, but no accommodation sticks in the memory like your very own first pad. A floodlit table football game in the living room, a racing bike in the kitchen, a life-size Yoda in your bedroom. Budding styles sprouting forth in between the Swedish convenience furniture. This is where friendships will grow, exam revision will be done and important conversations will be held.

But before the first wall tastes paint and the first box of possessions is packed, the accommodation must first be found – a process that should ideally start well before registration.

Aachen city districts

It’s worth taking a look at the soul of downtown Aachen – a reasonable distance from the university you’ll find the city centre’s party scene, the Frankenberger Viertel district for culture vultures, the urbane, busy workers’ district with its genuine old-Aachen characters in the east, and a lot of idyllic green spaces in and around the city centre. And if you look beyond the city limits you can choose between life on the European border and fantastic natural surroundings in the Eifel.

Stucco-ed Edwardian facades, chandeliers in the stairwell, hallways full of life? The romantic among us will not fail to fall for Aachen the first time their eyes light on the many apartments in old-style houses around the city. Fancy learning a bit of Chinese cookery just like that? In a shared hall-of-residence kitchen, you need dream no longer … Want to live free-of-charge, experience a trade and help older people at the same time? Young-and-old flat-share pairings (“Wohnduo”) might be the perfect answer.

Area and type of accommodation are as varied as personal taste, but one thing’s for sure: once the furniture’s in place and the party gets underway you’ll know you’ve finally found your home in Aachen.

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