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Take Hans Schlegel: it was as an RWTH Aachen University student that the German astronaut took his first giant leaps for mankind slam-dunking basketballs in the Aachen suburb of Vaalserquartier.

The sports complex was close to his heart, and his seat of learning a mere mile-and-a-half away. Had Hans Schlegel taken a shine to golf in those days, he’d have found an 18-hole course just around the corner. Sport in Aachen – especially in and around the university – is never far away.

And, as befits the ethos of this outstanding college, in Aachen and surrounding area this can also often take the form of highly competitive sports – not just horse-riding events like CHIO, the world’s Number One equestrian championchip event, but also in the case of Aachen’s diving team whose smooth entries won them Olympic medals, international stars in the worlds of table-tennis and volleyball who have smashed their way to European titles, German team champions in men’s tennis and true winners in wrestling and judo. In the world of Aachen sport there’s a lot of spectating to be done.

Make contacts in Aachen's sports clubs

More than anything, though, there are innumerable ways of getting involved – in any of our 260+ sports clubs whose philosophy goes well beyond competitive performance to embrace the true Olympic motto where it’s not the winning, but the taking part, that counts!

Sport in Aachen is very much a social affair where you’ll make contacts, get to know people and get to like them. It wouldn’t be the first great deal that’s been struck at the 17th hole (or the 19th) or on the parquet floor after a slam dunk.

It’s in places like this – or a handball goal area or something “typically German” like the high bar or the parallel bars – that the Hans Schlegels of tomorrow are meeting up. Top fit and on top of the world.

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