German Christmas See, amid the winter’s snow

As The Eagles once sang, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave” – something proven year after year by over 1,000 Aacheners whose lives take them abroad.

Drawn away into the big world years ago for private or professional reasons, their relationship with places, aromas and faces from their childhoods never leaves them. And so, every year at Christmas, they look forward to greetings from back home, courtesy of the Aachen City Council.

The time of year was no random choice. There’s no other time of celebration in Germany which is as closely associated with longing for, and love of, family, childhood, security and home as Christmas time, a time when even the most hardened realists become romanticists, looking forward to Christmas decorations, cinnamon biscuits, Christmas cake, Christmas trees and Midnight Mass.

The German Christmas stuff is catching

Wide-eyed children press their noses hard against decorated shop windows, and the letters laid out on Christmas Eve for the “Christ child”, who delivers the presents in these parts, get longer by the year. Many kindergarten and school buildings resound to the strains of carols, while nativity plays are practised and presents crafted.

The city itself glistens and gleams with seasonal decorations. This German Christmas stuff is catching! And where better than Aachen? Try a mouthful of our famous Printen, and stroll through the Christmas market whose location between the Cathedral and the City Hall makes it one of the loveliest to behold. And if the weather’s being kind to Aacheners, a little silent snow is sure to fall…

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