Aachen´s sweets Rolls with crumble topping

Reisfladen (Tarte-au-riz) is a true European dish – equally at home in the parts of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands that converge near Aachen, and a big hit in the city too.


  • Traditional Easter bread in Aachen
  • Made with sugar, raisins, butter and nuts
  • Baked at the end of Lent
  • First mentioned in 1547
  • Originally distributed freely as a gift
  • On sale in Aachen’s bakeries since 1888

Visitors and locals alike love the melt-in-the-mouth rice pudding which is oven-baked until golden-brown. The Belgian variation contains more egg, and the Aachen one is lighter in texture.

Aachen’s bakeries offer top-quality wares, and each has its own speciality. Obstfläden (Tarte-aux-fruits) topped with cherries or apricots, or even apple-pear jam, is also always worth taking a coffee-break for.

From 'Poschweck' and 'Streuselbrötchen'

At Easter-time, people all over this area around the Maas (River Meuse) – from Aachen to Maastricht and Liège – all get a craving for the same thing, a sweetened yeast-bread called “Poschweck”. Richly spread with Aachen liver sausage or excellent Belgian pâté imported oneself from the nearby towns of Eupen or Malmédy, or purchased from their favourite Aachen butcher.

Streuselbrötchen (crumble-topped rolls), though, are only available in Aachen: sweet rolls with tops generously covered with crispy crumble, eaten with gusto any time of day – for breakfast, with mid-afternoon coffee or any time the tummy rumbles.

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