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Children’s eyes double in size, high society is thrilled and former US President Bill Clinton can’t go to sleep without them: chocolates, gingerbread “Printen”, and chocolate-covered fruity sponge “Domino” bites – all “Made in Aachen”.

It was back in 1688 that the success story of Germany’s oldest confectionary brand, Lambertz, got underway at the Aachen town market. Skilful marketing and networking by the proprietor Hermann Bühlbecker, a descendant of the founder, caused the company logo – a sun – to shine brightly over the European jet set.

University establishments and the business world participate in skills networks

Topping the grants table

  • The Aachen area is a leader in acquiring funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
  • External subsidies of € 194 million put the RWTH Aachen University at the top of the table in Germany

But networking isn’t just the preserve of established traditional Aachen businesses – fireside conversations and social events in Aachen are always witnesses to the swapping of up-to-the-minute expertise over a glass of fine wine enjoyed by scientists, businesspeople and politicians alike. Degree dissertations, research projects, scientific assistants’ positions and work experience places are all coordinated within Kompetenzwerken (skills networks) in which tertiary education establishments and the business world participate. Joint trips bring research and development people together and create a foundation which goes well beyond business matters.

At the conferences held in Aachen, international R&D experts present and discuss the latest innovations. After all, the area in and around Aachen – with a research infrastructure of a density mirrored in no more than ten other parts of the world – is the ideal breeding ground for high-tech businesses and the R&D facilities of big corporations. Aachen is streets ahead when it comes to insulated glazing for buildings and sweeping curved car windows. LEDs from Aachen find their way to the US and Taiwan, and long-wave lasers are despatched to France and Japan. Aachen is a driving force behind Europe: it’s here that tramcars and local trains are built for use all over Europe. What began as a region based on traditional industries is today an internationally acclaimed centre of science and technology. A wealth of expertise and personal contact will ensure that Aachen also produces tomorrow’s technologies as well.

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