Central location Cities galore right next door

6 a.m. and the sun’s up! Fancy a stroll by the sea? Two or three hours later you can be running across the sand with the wind in your face. Belgium or Holland? Go on, you choose.

Or how about the hustle and bustle of a big city? By car or train, you’re no more than an hour away from the prestigious shops of Düsseldorf’s Königsallee or Cologne’s Hohe Strasse. Within 1.5 hours you can be enjoying the unmistakeable flair of Brussels or Antwerp. 2.5 hours will take you to the Seine in Paris or the famous canals of Amsterdam, and in four hours you can be by the Thames in good old London Town.

Or is air travel more your thing today? Within a 60-mile radius you’ve a choice of four airports; Maastricht, Liège, Düsseldorf and Cologne, offering flights to European destinations and beyond. Frankfurt Airport is an easy two-hour train ride away.

A mere stone’s throw from the city is Aachen-Merzbrück airfield with landing facilities for small private aircraft and helicopters – also a favourite among the microlite and hot-air balloon fraternities.

6 a.m. and the sun’s up! Fancy a break without going anywhere? Aachen’s street cafés, parks, gardens and woodlands are ready and waiting…

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