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The Aachen Campus of RWTH Aachen University is one of the biggest technology campuses in Europe and the leading-edge project underway in the knowledge economy in and around Aachen.

The six launch-clusters at Melaten

  • Bio-Medical Engineering
  • Heavy Duty Drives
  • Logistics
  • Photonics
  • Production Engineering
  • Sustainable Energy

473,000 sqm. of new adjacent land is currently under development for occupation by RWTH Aachen University in Seffent/Melaten near the Dutch border. The second tranche will be a 325,000 sqm. phase on the tracks leading to Aachen West railway station. This will soon be home to a total of 19 clusters of businesses and college faculties undertaking joint research and development activity. Up to two billion euros of capital is being invested to create around 10,000 jobs.

Unique ability for resident companies

One unique aspect is the ability, as part of the deal, for employees of resident companies to register as students at the university. Partner businesses are able to allow their employees to undergo in-job training in lectures in return for making their leading development and executive personnel available as lecturers.

Equally important is the research collaboration, with businesses participating in a minimum of one campus cluster – providing technology, experts, funding and even orders – and benefiting from future knowledge as well as new technologies, processes and developments.

250 businesses are planned to come here by 2017. Potential partners are not just global players, but small and medium-sized enterprises too. Innovative supply businesses are able to come with their development functions, contribute to specialist events and working groups and share in the benefit of future world-beating research by the various clusters.

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