Theatres in Aachen All just show?

Look it up in Shakespeare! The English playwright, it’s true, may not rank among the authors of standard works of science and engineering or be examination material for would-be doctors or architects, but didn’t he write something about “To be or not to be”? Like Hamlet, a fair few students must have asked themselves this very question during exams.

But seriously, key questions are asked not just in lecture halls, institutes and labs, but most surely also where “the boards are being trod” – a place reflecting the real issues of life. It’s not all show when you go to the theatre. Academics at the theatre will learn things that are anything but academic. One peek behind the curtain will reveal that Aachen’s got a rich variety of thespian entertainment at theatres both municipal and private-sector.

History of the Aachen City Theatre

The City Theatre (Stadttheater) was founded by the townsfolk on 15th May 1825 with the intention of offering illustrious guests to what was then a fairly bland spa town somewhere to boost the city’s reputation to the outside world. Today people talk, more prosaically perhaps, of “soft location factors” – acknowledging little other than that man cannot live on high-tech-“bread” alone.

The pride felt at having established Aachen’s own theatre remains to this day – and also pride for the artists who began the careers in Aachen. Whether Willi Birgel, Max Ophüls, Hans Jörg Felmy, Kurt Moll, Fritz Busch, Peter Raabe, Herbert von Karajan, or… the list of artistic directors, conductors-in-chief, singers and actors in this category goes on and on.
Aachen City Theatre has always seen itself as a springboard.

The German cultural scene would be somewhat poorer, were it not for the many theatres in so-called provincial areas. “So-called” is actually a huge understatement – even ancient Rome knew for a fact that its fate depended on the fate of its provinces. As August Everding once said so pointedly, “To that extent, provincial equals avant-garde”.

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The opera “Aida” - by Guiseppe Verdi

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