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Once upon a time we published articles on the worldwide web, and users read them. Now, the world tweets back at us. Here are a few unfiltered snapshots of what web users think of Aachen – plus current weather details and the real-life view across Market Square.

A historical, vivacious European city of learning? – Wikipedia thinks so

Nothing on the web is as trusted as Wikipedia, the online Internet encyclopaedia whose articles can be edited by any registered user. Read what people are saying about Aachen

Wikipedia article: AachenWhat the free online encyclopaedia says

Is the emperor still standing? – Webcam on Market Square

Whether it’s weddings, the Christmas market, the September Special, big-screen live transmission of the International Charlemagne Prize ceremony… many of the big events in the Aachen calendar are played out on the “Marktplatz” – under the watchful eye, as you’d expect, of the Emperor Charlemagne himself from atop the “Karlsbrunnen” fountain. Visit the webcam and see what’s going on in real time.

(Images brought to you by aachen.de. The image refreshes at regular intervals)

Beanie or bathers? – The weather in Aachen

Weather forecasting in Aachen … some say the only question is whether the rain’s going to be cold or warm. But hark! The current weather forecast puts paid to this myth, proving it can sometimes be really lovely here.


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